Reduced Pain Injections

Pain Management

Lakeside Dental is focused on your comfort and wellness, and to ensure you get the best of both, we use Onset® by Onpharma, a revolutionary local anesthetic buffering system. With this technology, we aim to transform your experience of dental procedures, making them virtually painless and more efficient.

What is Onset by Onpharma?

Onset by Onpharma is a local anesthetic buffering system utilized chairside during dental procedures.

This breakthrough in dental technology signifies our dedication to making your dental experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

It works by adjusting the pH of the local anesthetic toward physiological levels (approximately 7.4) before the injection.

Without this buffering, local anesthetics applied with standard dental cartridges require additional time as your body works to raise the pH of the anesthetic toward this physiological level.

Onset by Onpharma eliminates this wait time, allowing us to begin your treatment immediately and without discomfort.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are the primary features and benefits you can expect as a patient:

Efficient Dental Procedures: Onset enhances the reliability and predictability of the local anesthetic. This efficiency allows us to stay on schedule and reduces the duration of your time in the dental chair.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort: Onset’s buffering process effectively diminishes the discomfort associated with injections. It elevates the pH of the standard dental cartridge, decreasing some patients’ stinging sensation during the injection process.

Versatile Anesthetic Options: Onset allows us to buffer four primary local anesthetics used in dentistry: articaine, lidocaine, prilocaine, and mepivacaine. This versatility means we can choose the most suitable anesthetic for your needs without compromising comfort or effectiveness.

Schedule an appointment at Lakeside Dental and see how you can experience a painless visit with Onset by Onpharma local anesthetic buffering system for a brighter, healthier smile.